Composite Fillings Near You

If you’re eager to have a smile that isn’t impacted by sensitivity or cavities but still looks aesthetically pleasant, speak with a dentist near you about composite fillings.

Dental fillings are a standard treatment for patients of all ages dealing with the effects of tooth decay. However, thanks to modern measures, traditional metal fillings can now be replaced with composite resin. This option allows you to address issues with your smile without worrying about visible restorations.

composite fillings in etobicoke

What Does the Treatment Entail?

A dental filling, just as the name illustrates, is a restoration that is provided to strengthen unhealthy teeth. Although metal (silver amalgam) fillings are the most well-known, patients can now receive fillings fabricated from multiple materials, including composite and glass ionomer. The former is especially popular since resin is just as durable but blends in nicely with your surrounding teeth.

It is important to attend a one-on-one consultation about composite fillings in Etobicoke with a dental professional and have your smile comprehensively examined before going ahead with any particular treatment. Here at Kailash Dentistry, our team is at your disposal, ready to discuss your unique case.

That said, the general steps for having a composite fillings in Etobicoke placed are outlined below:

  1. Planning. Upon a consultation which involves x-rays and a visual inspection of your oral cavity, our dentist in Etobicoke will devise a customized treatment plan. This accounts for your tooth dimensions, dental needs, and aesthetic preferences.
  2. Anesthesia. Local anesthesia is administered via an injection to numb the treatment site. You won’t feel any pain while we conduct the appointment.
  3. Decay Removal. It is essential to clear away the decayed portion of your tooth. This is done with a dental drill. Next, the area is thoroughly cleaned to ensure that any lingering debris is also removed.
  4. Filling. We will carefully shape the area where the decay was so the filling can bond better to your tooth. Once this is done, the composite resin is placed. Curing is necessary to ensure the resin properly hardens and is accomplished with a special light.
  5. Polishing and Final Touches. Your tooth is polished to a beautiful shine. Before letting you go, we will assess the finished product and ensure the new filling does not impact your bite pattern. If you have any questions about composite fillings near you, including aftercare, let us know so we can address them.

Applying a filling is safe and can be completed in just one appointment. You can resume your routine in no time.

Looking After Your Smile

Although a composite filling is not designed to last forever, you can prolong its lifespan by prioritizing your dental hygiene daily. In addition to brushing and flossing, avoiding chewing on crunchy objects like ice and hard candy can help your filling remain intact. Regular dental checkups will also allow your dentist to inspect the condition of the filling.

Composite filings can last between 5 and 15 years, depending on your habits and health.

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