Dental Sedation Near You

Creating a calm, friendly environment is important in dental clinics since many people fear these appointments. At Kailash Dentistry, we are very pleased to provide dental sedation in Etobicoke. Such treatment will ensure you have a positive experience and won’t feel any pain while our team cares for your smile.

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dental sedation in etobicoke

What We Offer

Dental checkups and procedures can seem daunting to patients of any age, mainly because they aren’t sure what to expect or are unfamiliar with a particular treatment. When you come in to see our dentist near you, they will be happy to guide you through each step of the service you will be receiving to help ease your initial nerves.

Additionally, they can talk to you about undergoing sedation dentistry. This entails providing medication that prevents you from feeling any discomfort. Depending on a patient’s preferences and requirements, the medication can be provided in several ways; here at Kailash Dentistry, we offer nitrous oxide sedation.

What is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide sedation is also called “laughing gas.” Though it does not cause patients to start giggling, what it does do it trigger a sense of euphoria. A mask covers your nose so you can breathe in the medication. s it spreads throughout your system, you will feel at peace in the dental chair. It is a mild form of sedation, meaning you’ll stay awake during the appointment, and takes effect quickly. It also wears off just as fast, so you’ll be able to resume your day once your dentist is finished.

With that said, dental sedation may not be suitable for everyone. You will need to speak with our dentist in Etobicoke prior to committing to anything. They will ask about your medical background, examine your smile, and explain the aspects of the service so you are informed and prepared.

Patients dealing with any of the following may be recommended for nitrous oxide sedation:

  • Anxious or scared of the dentist
  • Feel claustrophobic in the dentist’s chair
  • Have high oral sensitivity
  • Have an overactive gag reflex
  • Have trouble sitting still
  • Need a lengthier procedure
  • Have special needs

Your Comfort and Well-Being Matter

Acquiring dental sedation near you can be a great option if you or a family member need oral health care but are feeling very apprehensive. Our team understands this, and regardless of what form of treatment you’re interested in, we are here to help you have a smooth experience.

Call, email, or drop by our clinic in person to arrange a visit. We are happy to help you however you need!