Digital X-Rays Near You

X-rays have evolved to become an essential part of dentistry. This technology allows hygienists, dentists, and other specialists to readily identify oral health problems and devise an accurate treatment plan based on the images taken.

Traditionally, dental x-rays have been film-based, but more and more clinics are opting to use digital technology instead. This is beneficial to the staff and patients alike. At Kailash Dentistry, we are very happy to incorporate high-quality technology into all our treatments, and this includes x-rays.

digital x-rays in etobicoke

Taking a Closer Look

X-rays stand for radiographs. This type of technology is found in various medical settings, including dental clinics and hospitals. Practitioners use them to see what’s happening inside your body. Within the dental field in particular, x-rays allow dentists in Etobicoke to closely examine the health of your jaw and surrounding facial bones, tooth roots, sinuses, and nerves. The information they present is invaluable, namely when it comes to making a proper diagnosis and selecting the best treatment to address an issue.

So, what types of problems can x-rays identify?

  • Tooth decay, such as decay between teeth or beneath prosthetics
  • Bone deterioration
  • The position of tooth roots
  • Tooth impaction
  • Cysts, abscesses, and tumors
  • Other abnormalities like extra teeth

Are X-Rays Safe?

you, including those who are a part of our team here at Kailash Dentistry: one of the most common questions is about the safety of digital x-rays in Etobicoke.

X-rays are indeed safe for patients. Although there is some radiation exposure, it is minimal and insufficient to cause harm. That said, the exposure levels differ slightly between traditional and digital x-rays. Many practices like our own, use the former, which provides several advantages:

  • Better image quality
  • Even less radiation compared to traditional x-rays
  • Faster results due to quicker image processing
  • Images are electronically stored
  • Helps with patient education because findings can be easily shared

Do you have questions about getting digital x-rays near you? Contact us today; we’ll gladly address any inquiry you have. You deserve to be informed about our oral health and the measures used to care for your smile.

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