Root Canal Therapy Near You

The majority of, if not all, general dentists near you can perform root canal therapy. However, you deserve to work with a dentist who is as skilled as they are approachable and willing to listen to your needs. This is especially important when you’re set to receive root canal therapy.

Every one of our staff members here at Kailash Dentistry is capable and open. We treat our patients like family and will make sure that your treatment is tailored to meet your requirements. Please give us a call if you need root canal therapy or another means of restorative care.

root canal therapy in etobicoke

What Does It Mean to Get a Root Canal?

This procedure involves drilling into an unhealthy tooth and removing its pulp, the mass that resides inside its core. The pulp is a fleshy sac that houses nerves and connective tissues. When it experiences damage, either due to a buildup of decay or an infection, it can lead to a lot of pain. Removing the pulp will save your tooth and prevent more severe issues from occurring.

What the Treatment Involves

A lot of people start to feel anxious when they’re told they need root canal therapy near you, but don’t worry! At Kailash Dentistry, we will ensure you feel no discomfort or pain when you come for treatment. Once approved for this service, your dentist will provide local anesthesia. The medication will numb the area around the site.

Next, our Etobicoke dentist will set up a rubber dam around your tooth to stop saliva and other bacteria from interfering. A drill is used to access the pulp. After the pulp is fully extracted, the chamber is disinfected and shaped. Gutta-percha is used to seal the space, preventing further contamination.

Lastly, a dental restoration, typically a crown, is fitted over the newly treated tooth. The crown will strengthen your smile and help you get back to chewing and biting without problem. Our dentist will give instructions on caring for your tooth, ensuring its recovery. If you have concerns or further questions, don’t be afraid to let us know!

Need Dental Assistance? We Can Help

If you need root canal therapy in Etobicoke, give our local dental office a call! We are happy to aid you as you navigate your oral health journey.

See you soon!